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5 relationship lies we all heard while growing up


5 relationship lies we all heard while growing up

1. You’ll get pregnant if you let a man touch you

This usually came to young girls whose breasts were just becoming visible, or those who just had their first period.

There were different variations of the statement, too. Some people were told that talking to a boy would get them pregnant; some others were told that so much as sitting close to a boy would do the trick. Of course, you’re older now and know better.

Some still believe that only person was made for them from the beginning of time. A relationship with anyone but this person would most likely not go as smoothly.

There is nothing farther from the truth than this. There are many possible options for you who would make great, great partners. You could also meet someone great and have a trash relationship if you do not put in the required effort. No relationships come predestined from heaven.

3. If she says yes too early, don’t take her serious

This is another one may people were told. The idea that you have to chase and chase a woman is not outdated and so so wrong. No one has that time and while some relationships actually begin like that, there is no such rule that says all relationships have to start that way.

Whether the relationship began after 6 hours or 6 months or 6 years is not really what determines the quality of the relationship.

If you sleep with a man on the first date, you are a slut and he won’t take you serious. This is still a contentious subject even till now. But is it true? Not exactly. The rules that apply to this are pretty much the same as the ones that apply to the one about becoming a couple early.

First date sex or 10th date sex. If he is going to dump you afterwards, he will. And if he is going to stick with you, nothing is going to stop him from doing so.

That was pretty much what all babes were told. It’s 2021 now, sis, hope you no longer believe in this horse dung?

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