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5 reasons why gifting is important in a relationship



5 reasons why gifting is important in a relationship




Valentine’s Day, 2022, are fast approaching and most couples are gearing up to celebrate the day.

There are people who do feel that materialistic things are not the way to go about it, but it gets materialistic only when there is no emotion in it.

There are many reasons why people find gifting important and in case you have a doubt, here are 5 main reasons which may help you realise that in any relationship, a small gift can hold a lot of meaning.

It may even become priceless for the other just because you gave it.

1. Manifesting emotions

Words of love, adulation are amazing in a relationship but sometimes gifting something with a certain relevance for the other person is important too. If you are unable to express your feelings, why not get a little something for your partner which is thoughtful and meaningful. This makes your partner not only feel special but also understand what you have not been able to say in so many words.

2. Show gratitude

If your partner isn’t the type who would ask you for a present or a gift, then a little something he or she likes as gratitude for always being there for you is the best step. Words play a role, you do say thank you but when words fall short for what you really feel, a small gift goes a long way.

3. As an apology

You are not buying your way out if that is your thought here. Sometimes a mere sorry is nothing or not enough depending on what you have done. If it gets tough to pacify your partner, because you have hurt them way too much, a thoughtful gift can do wonders. A personal touch means a lot to us as humans because all we want to see is the effort he/she has put in. It becomes a symbol of our feeling, how sorry we are.

4. Milestone celebrations

In a relationship, every day counts. It is upto us how memorable we make that journey. You cannot remember each day but what you can do is mark some anniversaries, dates when something meaningful happened in his/her life. Make a mental note, do something special for them to mark it. Taking them out for lunch or dinner and celebrating it with champagne or something is an option but so is buying a nice gift which will make your partner smile (genuinely). Remember, it is the thought and effort that counts.

5. Rekindling your love

Often, couples who have been together for a while now, let the spark fizzle. They forget that once this partner was a blessing. To revive it all, doing the things you used to do together when you started seeing each other is important and so is gifting them something that revives those memories. It could be anything that hits that button in them, it does not have to be expensive but thoughtful, yet again!

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