5 reasons why Alpha women are so intimidating to men
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5 reasons why Alpha women are so intimidating to men


5 reasons why Alpha women are so intimidating to men

5 reasons why Alpha women are so intimidating to men

Let’s not beat around the bush and face the fact it takes a strong man to date an Alpha woman.

Although most men won’t admit it, they’ve feared Alphas since forever because Alphas are independent and they know what they want.

They don’t need a man to make their lives livable—they can take care of that part all by themselves. They seek respect and believe me, they get it.

These are some of the reasons men are intimidated by Alpha women. Men can even be rude and hostile toward them because they are scared of those women’s independence.

Stay with me and let’s take a look at some of the reasons why men are afraid of strong and independent women.

1. They challenge them

Some men don’t like to be challenged by women. Even though women have made huge progress from being dominated by men into being equal to them, most men still see women as less worthy.

Even though, today, there is a much smaller number of these men, unfortunately, they still exist. So, when women challenge them, these men feel uncomfortable with the idea that a woman might be better than them.

2. They don’t need men to impress them

Some men rely on good looks and a few pick-up lines to impress a woman. But, Alpha women don’t fall for that kind of crap.

They need much more from a man to be impressed (if they are to be impressed at all). They want brains, looks, humor…They want the whole package—because they themselves are the whole package.

3. They want men to prove themselves worthy

They need men who will work hard as they do, either on their relationships or in general.

It’s not enough for men to simply show up and thus sweep women off their feet. Men have got to show what they are made of.

4. Are they Alphas or bitches?

Men who are scared of these women are often confused with these two terms. Actually, most of them don’t even get the difference between a bitch and an Alpha.

They don’t understand that Alphas are not dictators. They are not spoiled daddy’s little princesses. They are simply strong and independent—they won’t let anyone fool and play them.

5. They are not afraid to speak their minds

Never, but never will an Alpha woman keep her mouth shut if she’s got something to say.

These men who are intimidated by Alphas think that women should be quiet, soft-spoken and subordinate to their men. I’m sorry if some of the men may find this offensive, but this is usually true.

They can’t take the fact women are entitled to be assertive and to speak their minds when they feel they have to protect themselves. They won’t take crap from anyone.

Women who have this kind of strength and independence intimidate them. Men are threatened by their strength.

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