5 reasons emotional cheating are worse than physical ones


5 reasons emotional cheating are worse than physical ones


The pain of emotional cheating is often underrated. It can be easy to say, “Well, if they aren’t sleeping together, then what is the big deal?”

But there are many ways in which emotional cheating are actually worse than physical ones.

An affair of the body can be over and done in the matter of one night, but an affair of the heart takes much longer to form — and it can be far more damaging to a relationship.

If you’re in a committed monogamous relationship, any type of cheating, whether physical or emotional, can suck the life out of a relationship.

But some varieties of cheating hit you harder than others. If you ever find yourself in the debate of emotional affair versus physical, here are a few reasons why being the victim of an emotional cheating is worse than the physical.

1. They’re more sneaky

Emotional infidelity can be dangerous because it may look innocent on the outside. After all, without a physical affair, your partner has the benefit of deniability. But the emotional distance between you and your partner can still be destructive.

2. They may indicate relationship problems

If you have to go outside your relationship to find deeper connections such as trust and companionship, it could point to some problems in the relationship. While a physical affair might just be the result of one bad decision, an ongoing emotional affair may indicate that some crucial component in the relationship is missing.

3. They require love

Today.com reports that most people would be more devastated by their partner falling in love with someone else than a partner having a one-night stand. They consider this a violation of the emotional intimacy that partners in a relationship share.

4. They are hard to talk about

If you’re in a monogamous relationship and your partner has sex with someone else, it’s expected that you might be hurt and angry by the events. But an emotional affair is more difficult to discuss and, you may come off as trying to control your partner’s friendships. Even when you suspect that they are more than just friends.

5. They can feel like love

Although emotional affairs can pass for platonic friendships, these intense connections may release the same hormones that are triggered by sex and love. It can feel damaging to know your significant other gets a buzz from interacting with someone else.

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