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5 real reasons why your wife avoids intimacy


5 real reasons why your wife avoids intimacy

5 real reasons why your wife avoids intimacy

Many husbands experience lack of intimacy within the marriage because the wives do not feel so.

While the reason remains a mystery for most, it is not entirely impossible to know why your wife has been avoiding any intimate contact lately.

Here are some signs you can identify if your wife has been acting off, lately.

1. The lack of emotional connection

There might be a significant lack of emotional connection between you and your wife that you might not have noticed. For starters, you should pay attention to how your wife reacts to intimacy and what all little frustrations or irritations she has been facing for a while. Your wife may be upset with the idea of how physical intimacy has taken precedence over emotional bonds. Hence, you need to rebuild a good rapport with your wife again.

2. Loss of trust

Women get affected emotionally when they have done something wrong. If you have broken your wife’s trust, even if it’s regarding a minute matter, she will prefer to stay distant from you. Until and if she forgives you for your mistake, you will have to work towards redeeming yourself in the eyes of your wife.

3. Unavoidable exhaustion

Chances are high your wife is genuinely exhausted after working a long day. Modern women are very engrossed within their work and daily life schedules and that may exhaust them indefinitely. It is natural to not want to indulge in anything physical as it may burn all the energy up, after a long day at work. And so, you need to give your wife some space to rejuvenate her energy and take out time for you by herself.

4. Being body-conscious

Your wife may feel extremely conscious of her body and may feel shy about getting intimate in front of you. Such insecurities are natural as with age, comes stretch marks, wrinkles, loose skin and much more. If this is the case, look for clues that might suggest your wife is clearly insecure about her body. Then work towards making her feel special and beautiful. Compliment her randomly!

5. Family troubles

Your wife may feel troubled with ongoing family problems in your home or at her paternal home. She may also be naturally concerned about the children, shifting her thoughts away from sex. This happens quite naturally as women’s maternal instincts increase after marriage. It’s necessary to tell your wife to let her guard down so that she can also enjoy life and the marriage to its fullest.

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