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5 natural ways to reduce bloating


5 natural ways to reduce bloating

5 natural ways to reduce bloating

Feeling discomfort after a large meal or flatulence after drinking carbonated beverages are instances of bloating.

Abdominal pain or swelling can be due to simple reasons like eating your food too fast, eating too much, eating fatty foods, increasing fibre in diet all of a sudden, food allergies, intestinal disorders, or conditions like pregnancy or menstruation.

No matter the reason, it is possible to relieve the discomfort naturally and instantly. Here are 5 natural ways to reduce bloating:

1. Limit sodium intake

Too much salt in your diet can cause your kidneys to retain water, leading to bloating. Cut back on salt and stay hydrated to get your kidneys to flush out excess water.

2. Get your dose of potassium

Eating enough potassium can help your kidneys dispose off excess salt, a known cause of water retention. Also, low potassium means your brain relays signals ineffectively, slowing down the movement of food in your gut and leading to bloating and constipation. Bananas, strawberries, oranges are good sources of this essential nutrient.

3. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated softens stool and increases mucous secretions in bowels to soften stool. This makes bowel movements easier, reduces flatulence and constipation, and thus prevents bloating. Remember to drink enough water through the day instead of guzzling down big amounts in less sittings.

You can also have a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon in it first thing each morning. This helps because lemon works as a subtle laxative and a diuretic, preventing constipation and water retention.

4. Take a warm bath

A relaxing bath with wam water can relieve pain in the abdomen and also reduce stress levels, which in turn reduces bloating by allowing the gastrointestinal tract to function effectively.

5. Get some light exercise

Going for a walk or performing certain yoga poses can get your abdominal muscles and bowels moving to help you release gas or pass stool easily, thus reducing bloating. Sitting in vajrasan after a meal for 10 minutes helps. Yoga poses like pawanmuktasan  (wind-relieving pose) and balasan (child’s pose) will also help.

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