5 myths about breakups you need to stop believing



5 myths about breakups you need to stop believing




Once you’re wrapped up in the wave of your breakup, you start to entertain a lot of questions.

Do I need to sleep with someone tomorrow to help me get over this? What did he mean when he said, “It’s not you; it’s me?” Is coming down from this going to be like kicking a cocaine habit?

Don’t worry; we have answers to your questions when it comes to ending a relationship.

There are a whole host of myths and urban legends that attempt to rationalize the time it takes to get over someone and try to make sense of those cryptic and final goodbyes.

Have you ever wondered if any of this folklore is true? Below are 5 myths you need to discard as soon as possible:

1. Once a cheater, always a cheater!

People can change, they just need a good enough reason to. The 2 main reasons people cheat are: 1. not being completely committed to the relationship because they don’t think it’s going to last or 2. they are afraid that things are getting too serious and desperately look for a way out. Please remember that we’re talking about relationships not marriages, there’s an entire story there, but maybe another time!

2. If you don’t care about the relationship, you should just break up by text.

No matter how “over it” you are, every relationship deserves enough kindness and dignity to be ended with respect. Texting or doing it through a friend is pretty screwed up and disrespectful to someone who did give you time and attention and deserves more than the fade away or you being so rude and avoidant that you eventually make [him or her] dump you. Don’t be that person!

3. If you did the breaking up, you should get over it quicker

That’s simply not true! Just because you realize the relationship is not going to work that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt like hell! Having to break someone’s heart is incredibly painful and No one walks out of a relationship unscathed.

4. If you miss your EX, it means you should be together

There should always be a good enough reason to break-up, that reason should serve as a guideline for what to look for in future relationships. Missing your ex is something everybody goes through. You moved on for the right reason so you have no need to look backwards!

5. If I don’t find something better I can always go back to how things were!

You couldn’t be further from the truth! Life has a cruel way for us to appreciate a good thing only after it passed! People change, they learn, they develop and grow. Your partner has learned from your previous relationship and will use that knowledge to find someone who truly appreciates them for who they are. Taking you back would be a mistake and most do learn their lesson the first time!


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