5 mistakes you shouldn’t make while losing the pregnancy weight


5 mistakes you shouldn’t make while losing the pregnancy weight

5 mistakes you shouldn’t make while losing the pregnancy weight

While healthy weight gain during pregnancy is a must, those extra kilos might upset some women after the delivery.

This may lead them to take to unhealthy and fast weight loss methods. However, this is not one should opt for, because things take time.

See this as similar to gaining weight during pregnancy. Did you gain it all at once? The answer is no. Hence, don’t rush to shed it too.

Many women even do it because they are tired of listening to how they don’t look like they used to. Remember, even seasons change. Also, it is your body and you are the best judge and caretaker of it.

Here are a few mistakes that most women make in order to transition back into their old shape smoothly.

1. Taking to crash diets

These are very low-calorie diets that can drain your energy specially if you are a new mom. Not to mention, it is extremely unhealthy and not recommended by most doctors.

2. Cutting down on protein

Adding healthy protein like eggs, fish, nuts, and dairy will give you an energy boost and at the same time help you maintain a healthy body. Totally, giving up on these is not a good option, instead eat as and when your body requires.

3. Ignoring those hunger pangs

The sudden hunger pangs can be irritating, but ignoring those is not good for your body. So, make sure every time your stomach gives you a call, fill it up with healthy snacks like salad, nuts, and oatmeal cookies.

4. Sweating it out a lot

Everything is good for your body if done or taken in moderate amounts. Hence, pushing your body to work out for an extra hour to get back in shape is not good. Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor for best advice.

5. Giving up on sleep

Most women reduce their sleep time in order to make time for other activities and, of course, their baby. While waking up early can provide you with ample time to do the household chores and also take care of you, but you can’t achieve a healthy body with an unhealthy or a drained-out mind. Even if you are sleeping through the day to make up for the sleep, it is not sufficient. Doctors advise an 8-hour sleep at all cost, if this is too much to ask, 6 is the number for you.

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