5 mental health benefits of being in a happy relationship

5 mental health benefits of being in a happy relationship

5 mental health benefits of being in a happy relationship

What do we need to be happy? For most people, happiness is about being loved, appreciated and successful in life.

Having a happy, meaningful relationship is an important part of the process. Apart from making us happy, however, a good relationship can have much more benefits.

Many studies suggest that benefits of being in relationship have an important effect on mental health. From overcoming anxiety to dealing with other issues, being in love could be the key to handling mental anguish.

Here are 5 mental health benefits of a happy relationship:

The best way to lower stress

One of the main positive effects of relationships is that a happy relationship helps the body produce many of the feel-good hormones we need to combat stress. Needless to say, chronic stress is one of the biggest precursors to mental health issues and it should be addressed accordingly.

An interesting experiment was carried out among people who had to participate in a public speech. Their stress levels were measured and researchers found out that those who had loved ones in the audience overcame stress much faster.

A remedy against anxiety and depression

Happy relationships can help people who are struggling with serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Studies show that  health benefits of being in a relationship can be a protective factor for those who are at risk for depression. Researchers have found out that even people who suffer from serious medical conditions tend to be less stressed about them when they have a loved one by their side.

Healthier habits to improve mental health

Single people who aren’t held accountable by someone may adopt a vast range of unhealthy habits. Such habits can be expected to have a profoundly negative effect on physiological and mental health.

Having a spouse is usually one of the pros of being in a relationship and keys to taking better care of oneself and eliminating unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol consumption or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Not only are such habits a detriment to health, they can also deteriorate emotional wellbeing.

A reduced risk of committing suicide

As already mentioned, being in a committed relationship can help people overcome some particularly serious and grim mental health issues.

The support system that a relationship provides once again shows health benefits of relationship like why individuals may be capable of addressing issues before the situation becomes hopeless. A broken relationship, on the other hand, increases the risk of suicide. Another particularly vulnerable group of individuals is teenagers who have divorced parents.

Reduced risk of drug and alcohol use

A final mental health benefit worth touching upon is the reduced risk of drug and alcohol consumption whenever an individual is in a good relationship.

Love makes us happy and it gives us the sense of fulfilment. As a result, we’re much more likely to take care of our bodies and our minds. The quest for love may be a difficult one but it certainly pays off in the end.

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