5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas


5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas



As children, we all looked forward to Christmas because by this time, our parents would have measured our legs with a broom to buy us shoes in the market.

But we grew older, we no longer believed in Santa Claus, we hardly gave or got gifts, and the whole thing started becoming monotonous.

So, if you feel your Christmas is becoming repetitive, there are many ways to spice things up.

Below are some ways to celebrate your Christmas differently this year.

1. Skip the gifts

What if you skip gifting altogether and save your money to do something else? For example, the whole family can chip in to go for dinner in a restaurant or buy tickets to watch a movie everyone likes. In addition, there is a new trend getting more common every year: self-gifting. Instead of going out of your way to buy expensive gifts for friends and family, you can spend a smaller amount on yourself.

2. Give Christmas to someone else

As we know, Christmas is a time to be kind and share. To make this Christmas one you will never forget, find someone who cannot afford to celebrate and do something special for them. The smile on their faces after you’ve made their life a bit happier would make you fulfilled. You can buy them a gift or offer some other kind of help they need.

3. Give a handmade gift

No, you’re not giving a handmade gift because you want to conserve money; you want to make them feel special. Handmade gifts are also called gifts of thought, and the main idea behind them is to show the person that you really care about them, so you took your time to make something. They may not seem like much, but they carry sentimental value, and they will remain for years to come.

4. Choose different food

In almost every Nigerian home, they make a specific dish every Christmas. If you want to make your Christmas truly special, why don’t you deviate from the status quo and make an entirely different dish to celebrate? Not only will you get to try something different, but you’ll also have a fun time preparing the food with your family.

5. Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

Today we start celebrating Christmas from November and all through December. In most Christian cultures, Christmas used to be celebrated in an opposite fashion to what we see today. People often waited for the coming of Christ and celebrated Christmas for 12 days, starting from the 25th. Why don’t you try doing things the old-fashioned way?

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