5 foods to avoid for a clear and glowing skin


5 foods to avoid for a clear and glowing skin

5 foods to avoid for a clear and glowing skin

Our skin is the reflection of our soul. When we are happy and healthy from within, our skin radiates that warmth.

However, when we are feeling low and ill, our skin is among the first to be affected and show warning signs!

Eating the right foods and staying away from harmful foods is one effective way to ensure your skin always looks clear and glowing.

There are some common foods many of us consume on a day-to-basis without understanding how harmful they can be. While their consequences may not be visible immediately, they do persistent and continuous damage in the long run.

Please avoid eating these skin-unfriendly foods, as far as possible, and incorporate the alternatives to keep your skin beautiful and youthful.

1. Juice


Not the first thing that strikes you when it comes to foods that are bad for the skin, right? Juice seems healthy and wholesome as a food. However, this is true only when you are consuming freshly made juice from whole fruits. Packaged juice can be infused with too much sugar and also lacks the natural fibres found in whole fruits. Consuming too much sugar directly increases your acne risk!

2. Cow’s milk cheese

Cheese adds its own unique, yummy flavour to regular foods, which is why many of us have a weakness for cheesy sandwiches and spreads. However, cheese made of cow’s milk can also be a trigger for skin problems such as acne! This is because cow’s milk cheese is naturally infused with hormones from lactating cows, which can lead to hormone-induced acne. This is particularly so if you already have acne-prone skin or a history of lactose allergy in the family.

3. Canned soup


Packaged soup – in powdered form or in cans – has made things so much easier for busy moms. Just heat them up and you have a warm, calming meal at hand. However, please be warned: canned soup is full of sodium and bisphenol – things that make your skin retain water and look bloated and dry. Canned soup can also cause problems with hormones which is the top cause of skin-related issues.

4. Coffee


We know this is going to be difficult, but it might be best to limit coffee whenever possible. Caffeine is a diuretic and this causes your body to lose water. The final result is that your skin seems dehydrated. In the long run, and with increasing amount of consumption, the overall texture and health of your skin gets affected.

5. High-carbs chips


This one is not really a surprise – that bag of carb-rich, greasy chips many of us love indulging in as a snack is not really healthy. But we don’t mean just physical health or cholesterol-related problems but also skin health. Chips made of processed carbohydrates turn to sugar in the body, and this causes a spike in your insulin levels. As per experts, more insulin means you have a greater acne risk!

Not just that, such chips are usually made with pro-inflammatory oils such as canola oil or vegetable oils. These oils have a direct relation to triggering acne.

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