5 fantastic gifts to dream up during the holidays

5 fantastic gifts to dream up during the holidays

5 fantastic gifts to dream up during the holidays

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It’s gift-giving season where it’s also fun to imagine things that, at least from a distance, seem like fun to have for yourself.


For example, imagine showing up to your high school reunion and stealing the show because of the car you arrive in, riding in your personal submarine at a work event on the beach, or have a home that reflects the world as it is and was so awesome the people you invited to dinner would talk about visiting it as a life-changing experience.

Dreaming is inexpensive, and with such high interest rates, it’s probably a great alternative to buying what you can’t afford. As long as you’re dreaming, you have no monetary limit, so here’s my list of five Christmas gifts that are probably all more fun to dream than actually own. (Some of them are not even for sale, but you can still dream of them).

As in my last column, there will be no designated product of the week as they would all be eligible for this selection.

Here they are, listed in no particular order of preference.


Looking at this underwater house reminds me of the scene in the first James Bond movie, “Dr. No”, where Bond looks out the dining room window, which is underwater. Dr. No says, “Two million is what everyone wants to know, how much is it, two million dollars”, and the view is not as good as the view from the bedroom windows of this house.

This 3,600 square foot H2OME has underwater living space to spare.

H2OME | Image Credit: US Underwater Structures

If you are worried about global warming and related flooding, this house is perfect for you as it is already under water and doing very well. If you’re on a budget, you can get an affordable Missile Silo House, but it’s a bit of a fix-it priced at $550,000 and would probably be a nightmare to remodel.

As the impressive houses disappear, H2OME’s price tag of $10 million seems almost affordable, though it would be incredibly impractical if you didn’t also have a high-speed amphibious plane to roam around. But wait. Many of us are now working remotely, so who said you had to leave? Amazon Prime may have trouble delivering to this address, but you could train a dolphin to pick up your goodies. What else are you going to do to pass the time?

2. Regent Seaglider

Since you need a way to get to your underwater paradise, why not go green with the Regent Seaglider? This all-electric plane carries up to 12 passengers – in case you want to take people out for dinner or need the room to buy food for a year – and it’s being tested right now.

REGENT Viceroy Seaglider 12 passengers

Viceroy Seaglider 12 passengers | Image Credit: Regent

Pre-orders are said to be fast, approaching $7 billion. They’ve pre-sold 365, pricing them at around $20 million each (hey, we’re dreaming, right?), and it’s the little brother to a larger 100-seat plane also being designed.

Imagine arriving at your underwater mansion in one of those almost silent, very green puppies. It can be charged by tidal generators, which should work better than solar panels or wind turbines, and it will bring you back to shore and back in style.

3. James Bond DB5 Goldfinger Replica Aston Martin

While most of us would struggle to buy the $17,000 wall hanging for this car, for a paltry $4.8 million you can ask Aston Martin to build a new one.

Movie cars were never meant to be driven, and the original DB5 would be a pain to own, but a new one would be relatively reliable, and there will only be 25 built, making it unlikely that the one of us tracks one. .

Imagine being on a date, being cut off and saying, “he has no idea who he’s kidding”, and opening the central compartment with the weapon switches. Imagine driving to your high school reunion with this car. All the guys who thought you sucked in high school now think very differently from you and want to get in the car, but you only take your real friends for a ride.

This car won’t just turn heads; he’ll probably report you in the local paper when you show up behind the wheel (don’t forget to let reporters know where you’ll be). This old queen and prom king can just look aside and question their life choices as you drive off in the car most didn’t even dream of owning until they saw it.

4. Rimac Nevera

I know the Aston Martin is probably a dream car for boomers, and younger dreamers will probably like something a little newer and without automatic weapons. This would be the Rimac Nevera which would have a top speed of 258 mph (412 km/h). It is the fastest car in the world, and given that it is an electric car; it will do the quarter mile in 8.5 seconds.

Not only is it the fastest electric car, but it also apparently holds the record for the fastest car tested at the Papenburg circuit in Germany, one of the few test courses capable of handling this kind of speed. . Here’s a video of the car going 258 mph:

The Rimac Nevera does 0-60 in 1.85 seconds – about a second quicker than the fastest Tesla, which is no slouch.

Because this car costs “only” $2.1 million, it’s arguably the cheapest item on this list. Imagine stopping at a red light and the guy in the hot rod next to you revving his engine as he watches you disappear into the distance before his car is even 10 feet away from the line. High-speed gas cars struggle to get close to two seconds 0-60 times, even when configured as dragsters.

A Ferrari driver date would even be impressed and probably laugh a little at the puzzled look that results from seeing you zoom silently at one-third the speed of sound. Granted, you’ll probably need to replace the tires after a race, but that’s a fantasy, so who cares?

5. Aurora-3C Personal Submersible

While living in the H2The OME underwater house would be amazing, you can’t really take the dog out for a walk. However, being at the bottom of the ocean would mean you could take a ride in your personal submarine. The Aurora-3C is an amazing three-person submersible – and you want the three-person version so you can take your dog with you.

You can specify one of two depth options, 460 or 1000 meters. Since I’m dreaming, I’d go with the 1000 because money is no object in a dream, and I want something that can successfully avoid Specter if they think I’m 007 and come to call ( thanks to my dream car), and it could make Saturday night cruises memorable.

Imagine your wife finishes chatting with some of her friends at a beach party as she says she’s going home, only for your basement to appear out of nowhere to take her on board. The eyes of his new friends would probably pop out of their heads.

With a top speed of three knots, it sets no underwater speed records, but with a mission time of 96 hours (it uses oxygen and CO2 scrubbers), this gives you plenty of time to disappear if your in-laws suddenly show up. Pricing is $3.5 million for the 460 meter version.


Considering inflation and interest rates, we should probably be saving rather than spending tons of money this year. But based on the sales numbers for the season so far, none of us, including myself, have done that.

These expenses leave us destitute when it comes to getting things for ourselves. Yet we can dream, and rather than dreaming of something we can almost afford but won’t buy, why not dream of things we can never afford and won’t buy? It makes dreams much more pleasant.

Hope the rest of your holiday shopping goes well and that you enjoyed this short trip to my dreams. Perhaps one or more of these dreams will become yours.


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