5 factors that determine relationship compatibility


5 factors that determine relationship compatibility

5 factors that determine relationship compatibility

Compatibility is the cornerstone of any relationship be it familial, friendship or a romantic one where two individuals voluntarily come together with the intention of spending their lives together as life partners.

Without compatibility, it is safe to say that a relationship will be a challenging one.

On introspection, you will realize that you like your friend because you’re compatible. Would you knowingly seek to spend time with them if you were not compatible?

If this is just for a normal friendship, then think about how important compatibility is between two people planning to spend their lives together.

If you are not sure of your compatibility with someone you like and want to pursue a relationship read on to know more about the 5 factors you should look for to find your compatibility quotient with that someone special.

1. Attraction

Do you find yourself constantly thinking of someone? Do you find yourself replaying a past conversation you’ve had with them over and over in your head? Do you look forward or are impatient to see them again?

If you answer positively to these questions then yes, there is something there. It is not just physical attraction that draw two people together sometimes it is how you two look at and perceive the world.

2. Common Interests

Common interests is what that will keep your conversations and your relationship going. A couple who have forged a bond but have no common interests whatsoever will struggle to spend quality time together as time goes on. Common interests can be a fondness for arts, music, cooking, sports and such.

3. Intellectual compatibility

Intellectual compatibility is very important as a disparity here can eventually lead to problems later on in the relationship.

Generally, people who are more or less on the same intellectual page, are the ones who will have engaging conversations. It is also true that when a highly intellectual or educated person partners with another person who is not equal, it eventually leads to a lack of respect and subsequent boredom in later years.

4. Values in life

Different people have different values. Generally, the people we get along with shares the same values as we do. These values can be moral, religious or anything basically to do with the way one conducts their day to day living.

Values are generally instilled in us as a result of our upbringing. They may change as we get older but what is relevant here is that two people with polarized values can never get along.

5. Emotional make-up

We all have our own temperaments and our unique way of handling our emotions. No two people are alike. It is imperative that people who are seriously contemplating a future together observe how they both react to things happening around them.

It is also true, however, that if both are extremely opposites then it will cause the overtly emotive person to pull away from the other partner who has a tendency to never express theirs.



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