5 compliments women want to stop hearing from men


5 compliments women want to stop hearing from men

5 compliments women want to stop hearing from men

I don’t like being complimented, said no woman ever.

You’ll likely not find a lady who does not like to be told how exquisitely gorgeous she is.

So men who know their onions have learnt how to give the best compliments to the women in their lives and those they’re trying to pull into their world.

But really, are men actually giving the best compliments or do they just think they are?

Apparently, thinking of something nice to say to a woman is not the same thing as actually complimenting her.

Here are some of the things women say they no longer want to hear from men in the name of compliments:

Women don’t like hearing this because they don’t know whether the guy means it in a bad way or a good way. He could be saying I’m different as a code word for ‘you’re ugly.

It makes women uncomfortable when guys make it so obvious that they’ve been checking them out like that. Some are even as crude as to say, I like your ass. I don’t think that counts as a compliment no matter what they think.

Every time a women hears a guy say this, they just lose it. It’s like saying I’m pretty but broke. I really need guys to stop saying that crap.

“The reason why this does not sound as a good compliment for most women is because to the lady the guy obviously expected her to be stupid or something.

“See, I know I am beautiful.

“If a guy can’t come up some better way of saying it, I really don’t want to hear that line anymore.”

Guys, it is clear that you will need to become more ingenious with how you compliment these ladies if you want your words to make sense and resonate with them.


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