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5 common relationship advice that actually works


5 common relationship advice that actually works

5 common relationship advice that actually works

Have you ever noticed that your friend becomes a relationship expert the moment something happens between you and your partner?

Suddenly, advice will come at you from all angles and you get confused about what to do next. While you might get bombarded with a lot of advice, there is some old-fashioned good advice that really works.

Whether you have consulted a therapist or asked a friend, there is some classic advice that will definitely help you with your relationship problems.

If you too can’t come to a conclusion, these few things might reinstate the lost love and understand the importance of small things that make a huge difference.

Without further ado, here are 5 common relationship advice that actually works:


1. Communication is key 

Regardless of how many times you have been told that open communication is key to a healthy relationship, it stands true to its very core. After all, there’s nothing a sensible communication between two rational human beings can’t resolve.

2. Share the workload 

It is difficult to deal with the daily grind, and it is important to share the workload at home with your partner especially at times like these. Try dividing the chores among yourselves to reduce the pressure on one person. Making efforts to understand each other’s responsibilities will definitely make your relationship stronger.

3. Appreciate each other 

You must have heard this advice a thousand times, right? But it works. When you appreciate and acknowledge your partner’s efforts, it evokes a sense of appreciation in their heart as well. We are not talking about grand gestures or public declarations, but little things that show gratitude will make a huge difference.

4. Work on intimacy 

When we talk about intimacy, it is not just physical intimacy but emotional, intellectual, experimental and spiritual intimacy as well. Intimacy is something that builds over time as a couple grows to care about each other. So, try to be patient and don’t take impulsive decisions.

5. Be with someone who shares the same values 

Being with someone who shares the same values as you will lower your chances to have unresolved conflicts. Having similar relationship goals and sharing the same ideology are some of the most important parts of a long-lasting relationship.

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