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5 amazing benefits of kernel oil for hair


5 amazing benefits of kernel oil for hair

5 amazing benefits of kernel oil for hair
Kernel oil is a natural way to having softer and more beautiful hair. Palm Kernel Oil is different from what is popularly called red palm oil. They are gotten from the same plant called African Oil Palm (Elaeis Gunineensis).

Red palm oil is derived from the whole of the palm fruit while the kernel oil as the name implies is gotten from the kernel. Red palm oil is red while kernel oil is brown.

The composition of these two products of the African oil palm is markedly different. Red palm oil is made of palmitic oil and oleic acid while kernel oil has lauric acid. Coconut oil has the same composition.

Oil extracted from the palm kernel is gotten by roasting it till oil seeps out of it. Kernel oil is usually sold in the markets because it has a variety of uses. Read on to know more about it.

1. Kernel oil is perfect for natural hair. It has a lot of ingredients the African hair needs. It has vitamins A, vitamins K, Vitamins E and anti-oxidants that help with hair growth.

2. Kernel oil gives great moisture to dry hair because there is a positive correlation between dryness and dandruff. It keeps your hair follicle well oiled.

3. Kernel oil is excellent for moisturizing your hair. It provides deep conditioning and softens hair.

4. Kernel oil is non-greasy and light which means when you use it on your hair, you won’t feel like your hair is drenched in oil.

5. Kernel oil also possesses collagen that prevents hair loss.

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