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4 effective breathing exercises for stress relief


4 effective breathing exercises for stress relief

4 effective breathing exercises for stress relief
Deep breathing is one of the most effective and quick methods to lower stress levels.
Every time one inhales deeply, the action instructs the brain to relax, after which, the body reaches a state of deep rest that puts the brakes on stress, slows your breathing and heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and brings your body back into balance.
Focusing on one’s breathing either as a way of calming down or as a stress-relief practice is extremely beneficial and effective for it activates the body’s natural relaxation response.
In order to help you cope with stressful times and moments of anxiousness, we’ve listed four excellent breathing exercises that will leave you feeling calmer and rejuvenated.

1. Abdomen breathing

Inhaling and exhaling from your diaphragm can help reduce the amount of work your body needs to do in order to breathe, thereby taking off all pressure from your body and putting it into a state of calmness. In order to perform this exercise, lie down on the floor or sit comfortably with your knees bent. Then, gently place one hand under your rib cage and one over your heart. After you begin breathing from your nose, you will feel your stomach and chest expand and contract.

2. Resonant breathing

Resonant breathing, also known as coherent breathing, is proven to tackle anxiety and stress as it carries the body into a calm state. In order to extract its best, you need to lie down, close your mouth, and mindfully breathe through your mouth. While doing so, it is important to not completely fill your lungs with air and exhale gradually for six seconds. Go slow, don’t force your breath, and continue this exercise for 10 minutes.

3. Lion’s breath

As the name suggests, this exercise requires you to exhale forcefully, like a lion. To begin, you should kneel, with your buttocks resting on your feet. Make sure to criss-cross your ankles under your buttocks. Now place your hands on your knees, straighten your arms, and extend your fingers. Soon after your inhale, exhale fiercely. Make the sound “ha”, by opening your mouth wide and sticking your tongue out as far out as your chin. Repeat this four to six times to feel refreshed!

4. Pursed lip breathing

This easy breathing technique is all about slowing down the process by having you focus on each breath. Unlike most exercises, this one can be practiced anytime and anywhere! In order to do this exercise perfectly, you must practice it to get a grip on a rhythmic breathing pattern. To begin, relax your shoulders and keep your mouth closed. As soon as you’re in this position, steadily inhale through your nose for two counts.

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