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4 changes you’ll notice in your relationship when you travel together


4 changes you’ll notice in your relationship when you travel together

4 changes you’ll notice in your relationship when you travel together

Travelling together is a true acid test for your bonding with your partner and your relationship.

You discover facets of your relationship which you had not noticed before and these could truly make or break the relationship.

We bring you four reasons how travelling together can affect your relationship with your SO.

1. Discovering each other

When you spend a lot of time alone, you tend to introspect. You learn and unlearn things you didn’t pay heed to before. Similarly, relationships also function the same way. Travelling together often greenlights facets of each other, which you didn’t notice before. Habits like how he/she likes to make their bed, what time do they get up, what are their routines, you discover his/her personalities, what things can tick them off and what don’t and so on. You get a picture of how you can and need to work around your partner’s habits and facets, and vice versa.

2. Financial habits

One of the most important and probably one of the most ignored habits in the early stages of courtship is knowing how you or your partner handles money. You understand if they have a freehand or are not so okay on spending. It’s important to understand what your partner’s or your financial habits are, as it will help you plan your finances and manage it accordingly in the future.

3. Reconnect

While you are away on a trip you have more time at your disposal to work on issues you might have faced. Sometimes, a new place, new environment and no one to influence your thoughts or decisions work in solving many unresolved issues which might end up strengthening your relationship. It is advised you keep an open mind and be receptible to changes, opinions or advice your partner might have.

4. A True test

If you survive a long holiday with your partner without quarrelling or have come out stronger than before then you have passed the travel test of your relationship. Most often than not, relationships crumble or disintegrate after couples travel together as they are not accepting of facets or personalities their partners truly are. This puts in a lot of strain on the relationship which will eventually cause it to break, if not soon.

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