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3 signs that you have forgotten your self-worth in a relationship


3 signs that you have forgotten your self-worth in a relationship

3 signs that you have forgotten your self-worth in a relationship

You are best-suited to a life with another person when you are not scared to be by yourself. When you have become self-sufficient enough to go through life all by yourself.

That way, your decision to be with someone is a choice in the real sense of the word. You know yourself and love the human being you are, you have relationships that are fruitful and healthy and have a circle of people who want your best interests at heart.

All of this builds your self-worth, your esteem and the way you view yourself and your role and place in whatever relationship you decide to get into.

The relationships you get into should build you further, increase your self-worth and further solidify your esteem. But if you get into a relationship and somehow begin to doubt yourself, it is not a good sign.

If you see these signs, you should really be bothered, and it may even be time to move on.

1. You do anything, take everything

Relationships are not do or die affairs. It makes sense only when you still have your voice and your power of choice. So do all you can to keep those.

Once you find yourself dropping standards, getting desperate, it is time to watch yourself. You should never beg to be loved, to be appreciated; neither should you let anyone make you feel lesser than you are. You are more important than that and there is someone somewhere willing to live their life proving that to you daily.

2. They no longer respect you and you allow it

Never let anyone disrespect you. If you find yourself condoning it, unable to say anything or do anything about it, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

People with adequate self-worth speak against disrespect when its being thrown at them.

3. You are worried no one else would want you

It is a trick of your mind, or one programmed into your mind by your partner. Whichever of these is the issue, it is not right.

Your old relationship may not be right for you, but it is not the end of the world. Someone else would want you for sure.

People with the right things in place, and the right self-esteem to boot recognize that their value is intact and that they deserve love. They don’t hesitate to demand it and move on when they are consistently not being treated in the manner they should.

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