3 reasons why you should marry ladies in their 30s



3 reasons why you should marry ladies in their 30s




I have closely observed the dynamics of the modern dating scene, and, while it’s not anything like our good old days, one thing I’m deeply impressed about, is the fact that more and more people are beginning to release themselves from the shackles of societal norms.

You know, those silent beliefs that women in their 30s are less eligible to marry because of a perceived depreciation in youth.

These days, more men are setting different standards, and going on to openly voice their preferences for women in their 30s.

If you are a man, and you are currently single and ready to take that big bold steps, here are three reasons why you should marry a lady in her 30s.

1. Maturity

The place of maturity in any good marriage cannot be overemphasized and ladies in their 30s are richly blessed in this virtue.

They have been through the gruelling throes of their “20s”, and have groomed themselves to be more than prepared for this phase.

They’re not going to throw angry fits and tantrums common among girls in their 20s.

They’ll respectfully pitch their ideas and suggestions to you, understanding your position on things and you’re more likely to have a partner who also doubles as your best friend.

2. Assertiveness

You’re least likely to experience all that toxic relationship drama with these kinds of women, they know what they want and are not afraid to say their mind.

If you are a mature man who has set goals in life, look for a woman in her 30s, because she’ll not just sit around and wear big T-shirts, while you struggle to smash your goals, she’ll put in the work too, and support you in every way possible.

This is because, she is assertive, and with assertiveness comes a great deal of confidence, confidence that you greatly need on days when your motivation is low.

A woman in her 30s won’t stress you, you do not need to run around in circles with these kind of women, among other things she brings to the table, peace is a major advantage.

3. Financial Stability

Trust me when I say marrying a woman whose financial records are up to an acceptable standard is important, especially in these times.

But, let’s face it, most women in their 20s and teens are still on a journey of self discovery and barely have the finances to take care of their basic needs, most women however achieve a certain level of financial independence in their 30s.

They’re not going to call you when they need money for seasoning cubes or pad, they can afford the basic things of life, so you can be sure that when they say they love you, it’s not because you are about to whisk them away from poverty, when they say they love you, they really mean it.


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