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3 mistakes you must avoid when choosing a wedding photographer


3 mistakes you must avoid when choosing a wedding photographer

3 mistakes you must avoid when choosing a wedding photographer

Stunning bridal wear, enthusiastic guests, luscious food and a beautiful venue are the hallmarks of a fabulous wedding.

But when a wedding is all said and done, what you are really left with are images and videos of the glorious event apart from the memories you shall cherish forever.

So, you probably want to get a great photographer to shoot your ceremony.

If this is your goal, then it is imperative that you avoid some common mistakes when choosing your wedding photographer.

Mistake #1: Not discussing their photography style

Each photographer has a distinct style that they use for different forms of photography. When it comes to weddings, take a look at their images on social media to check whether you approve of their style. Be it traditionally clicked shots, artistically taken ones or even highly edited ones with effects. You must have a word with the team and discuss what you would like at your event.

Mistake #2: Not enquiring about the photography assistants

You may have a couple of lead photographers at your event and they may be accompanied by a team of assistants. Be it a couple of assistants or more, you must discern whether they have a pair of skilled eyes to observe the process. You must also ascertain if they have a genial demeanour that can help you emote during the process of taking pictures. After all, they are the ones who would be directing the photoshoot and helping you smile and look natural and graceful in your images. Choosing a great assistant will ensure you have no awkwardly taken shots!

Mistake #3: Failing to gauge the editing prowess of the team

You may or may not shoot the perfect images on your big day. But even the most awkward of shots can be transformed into beautiful pictures by a photography team that is talented in the art of editing. Right from blurring out unsavoury elements in the frame or adding lights and effects to improve the visibility or background in a picture, the sky is the limit to what a good photographer can do for you.

So, whether the team comes highly recommended or it is you who shortlisted them, do ensure they have the expertise necessary in post-production!

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