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3 exercises that can help women accentuate their collarbone


3 exercises that can help women accentuate their collarbone

3 exercises that can help women accentuate their collarbone
A woman with a defined beauty bone automatically looks much more alluring in a demure way. What’s fortunate is that we females have an attractive physical feature that can be shown in a classy way without revealing too much.

Well-developed collarbones add grace and charm to your slender figure and look. All you need is to do some exercises to get these butterfly wings sculpted to perfection.

Here, we suggest you a few quick and easy collarbone exercises which will make you experience a visible difference within a few days.

1. Shoulder rolls

This exercise has to be your one- stop guide to losing neck fat, getting a prominent clavicle and strengthening your shoulders. Being one of the easiest exercises of all, shoulder rolls can turn out to be very effective to enhance the shape of your collarbone. All you are required to do is roll your shoulders in forward direction in a circular motion in a resting body posture. Repeat the same in backward motion too. Doing this exercise 15-20 times a day can help you slim down this body feature of yours.

2. Shoulder Shrugs

This exercise proves out to be really effective in helping you sculpt your traps and collarbone in no time. Shoulder shrugs can be done anywhere and only take a few minutes. With your arms at your side, you just pull your shoulders as high up toward your ears. Bring them back slowly as you relax in the resting position. Aim for at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions to start and increase the number as you build up your shoulder strength. Overtime, working out this exercise will help you achieve your desired collarbone goals.

3. Push-Ups

This intense workout can help you get a more protruded collarbone and is beneficial for building upper body strength. Push-ups are fast and effective exercise to get rid of your excess body fat in the said area. Doing a standard push up 15-20 times a day can turn out to be an effective solution for achieving that prominent wishbone with an added benefit of toning your stomach area.

By doing these exercises you will achieve a perfectly highlighted collarbone without the need to actually highlight it with a make-up highlighter. And of course, an appropriate intake of diet going along should be a must. With these exercises and a healthy diet, you are definitely a step closer to flaunting your desired visible collarbone in off-shoulder dresses.

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