12 obvious signs your crush doesn’t like you

12 obvious signs your crush doesn’t like you

12 obvious signs your crush doesn’t like you

The moment you realize that you got a crush on someone could be one of those ecstatic feelings. How much more when you find out that the person likes you too? It could indeed bring you on cloud nine.

However, a successful crush life does not always happen. Sadly, it is not guaranteed that the person you like would like you back. There would always be that crush who would eventually pop your bubble and break your heart.

The question is, how will you know that your crush does not like you? What are the signs that it is an unrequited feeling? If you cannot trust your judgment right now because you are still head over heels, then evaluate your chance with these signs:

1. Doesn’t stare at you for more than a second

You know that you have a crush on someone if you are always tempted to sneak a glance at the person. Chances are, your crush could have already caught you doing it several times if you meet regularly. If you have never caught your crush looking at you even for the slightest moment, then there is a big chance that s/he never does.

2. Doesn’t give you a second glance

Have you ever tried doing your best to glam yourself up because you wanted to attract your crush? If that person did not even bother to look at you for more than a second or glance at you twice, then it means your spell did not affect your crush at all.

3. Can approach you without any hesitation

Admit it; you feel conscious whenever your crush is around. If s/he does not seem to mind approaching or talking to you—like s/he is not shy or conscious at all—then there are no butterflies in his/her stomach whenever you are around.

4. Doesn’t initiate or sustain communication with you

Except for non-personal concerns, has your crush ever texted or messaged you out of the blue? Like, did s/he ever asked how you are or what you are doing? If not, then maybe the person is not interested in you. The same realization is true when s/he does not make any effort to keep your conversation going whenever you initiate.

5. Is not available for you

Whenever you try to ask for some time from your crush, like when you need help, and s/he does not even think twice to decline, then it is over. If your crush likes you, s/he would be hesitant to say ‘no’ to you in an instant. If you want to find out, you can try asking a simple help from him/her.

6. Doesn’t seem impressed by whatever you do

We are easily impressed by the person we admire, right? Like everything s/he does seems perfect. Have you ever heard a compliment from him/her? If the person you like does not seem to care about anything you do or even your achievements, then s/he probably does not care about you at all.

7. Gets irritated by your constant presence

Are you that person who always tries to be around your crush to get attention? Well, if that individual seems to enjoy your presence, then there is a big chance that s/he also likes you. On the other hand, if your crush seems to be unhappy or annoyed whenever you try to be near him/her, then it means s/he already knows about your admiration—and it is not taken gladly.

8. Rejects your offers

Have you ever tried asking your crush to date several times, and s/he would always give excuses? Or whenever your try to offer some help or assistance, it always ends up rejected. Your crush would love to go out with you or receive any help from you. Based on this reality, you would know if your crush likes you or not.

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