10 things women immediately notice about men on a date
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10 things women immediately notice about men on a date


10 things women immediately notice about men on a date

10 things women immediately notice about men on a date
When you’re going on a date with the girl you like, you need to make sure you make the desired impression on her.
There are a few things that girls notice immediately about the guy they’re on a date with, so be careful, or else she might not like you as much as you’d want her to.
Here are 10 things women immediately notice about men on a date:

1. Confident

It is easy for a guy to get nervous and conscious of himself when in the presence of a beautiful girl who he is attracted to. Don’t let yourself be one of those guys. Be calm, and play it cool. Even if you are a little nervous, which is natural, don’t let it show. This will make her feel more comfortable around you.

2. How you order

A gentleman would never order on his date’s behalf without asking for her consent before doing so. She probably won’t have an issue with your taste in food or drinks, but you should still make sure you order what she likes. Make her feel important.

3. Attitude and politeness

Show that you are a true gentleman. Make sure you don’t seem like a jerk by behaving rude or cocky, it’s a major turn-off for women. Be caring, polite, and show her how well-mannered and polished you can be.

4. Your ‘look’

You obviously wouldn’t wear a suit for a casual night at the pub, and you obviously wouldn’t wear jeans, flip flops and a t-shirt for a formal dinner. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion, and that you know how to dress for an occasion.

5. Hygiene

A man with unkempt nails and bad breath will not be able to impress the girl of his dreams. Women notice these subtle details about men, and a major part of the impression you create depends on how hygienic you are. Show her that you take care of yourself, and can take care of her too!

6. How you present yourself

Don’t turn up for your date looking like a homeless person – make sure you look neat, clean and smart, and show that you’ve made an effort to look good for her, and that it’s not just a one-way thing. She’ll appreciate the effort, and there’s no way she won’t like how you look!

7. Sense of humor

A man with a good sense of humor is always fun to be around, so if you’re good at making people laugh, use your talents to your advantage! Make her laugh, make her comfortable, and make her want the next date as much as you do.

8. Body odor

Body odor is an instant turn-off. So make sure you shower just before the date, and use your manliest perfume. A man who smells good is always more attractive, so don’t miss out on the chance to easily impress her! [

9. Conversation skills

If you look and smell good, make her laugh and speak well too, you’ve got a recipe for success. Get to know her better, and keep her involved and interested throughout the date. Don’t talk too much or only about yourself, though, as that will definitely not work in your favor.

10. Posture

Even if you have all the skills needed to charm a girl, a bad posture might ruin it all for you. If you’re looking lazy and uninterested (even if you’re majorly involved in the conversation), she’s going to think you aren’t into her. Make sure that you look as interested in her as you are. It’s hardly much of an effort to make.

Keep all these things in mind when you’re on a date, and you’re sure to impress!

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