10 Things to Know from Nigeria’s Football Style ‘Yori Yori’

Nigeria Football Style Yori Yori , Ginga is to Brazil, Brazilians and the Samba Boys is what the ‘Yori Yori’ is to Nigeria, Nigerians and the Super Eagles of Nigeria – Nigeria’s male national football team.

The Yori Yori is an incredibly fun and cheery football style that thrived as far back as 1994 when the Nigerian national team was awarded the most entertaining team in the FIFA 1994 World Cup in the United States. The ‘Yori Yori’ boys would go on to mesmerize the world and the Samba Boys of Brazil to win the Olympic 1996 football tournament, beating a deadly Brazilian side that had Ronaldo, Bebeto and Rivaldo.

In this post, we delightfully write on ten incredible things you probably never knew about the Yori Yori, Nigerian’s fun and cheery football style.


What is Yori Yori?

Yori Yori is a ‘hybrid’ of the Brazilian Samba and the playing style of the Nigerian Super Eagles team. It is a unique blend of the African style of play, the Samba football style and the free flow Dutch style of play. The Yori Yori, unlike the Samba football, combines three cultures and footballing philosophies; strength, fun, and grace.

10 Things to Know from Nigeria’s Football Style ‘Yori Yori’

1. Nigeria’s football style, Yori Yori, is influenced by three different football philosophies; the physical African football style, the Brazilian football style and the free flow Dutch football style.

2. Otto Gloria and Father Tico, both Brazilians who coached the Super Eagles passed on the Samba playing style to the Super Eagles while Clemence Westerhof and Johannes Bobfer infused the Dutch playing styles into Nigeria’s football during their time as coaches.

3. The Super Eagles thrived with the Yori Yori playing style in 1994 and two years later matched past a strong Brazilian and Argentinian side with the same football style, making them earn the ‘Dream Team’ title.

4. Among the ambassadors of Yori Yori football is none other than Austin JJ Okocha who exhibited the style in England, France and other parts of Europe during his playing days.

5. The Yori Yori football is entertaining for many reasons; it uses the fans’ trumpets and songs as its tempo while the players waltz past opposition defenders.

6. Goal celebrations are part of the Yori Yori style and some of the goal celebration forms over the years include but not limited to: back flips, Etigi or Zanku dance steps and various African leg work dance moves.

7. The Yori Yori football style is considered a hybrid of the Brazilian Ginga as it takes on its philosophies as one of the three forms that make up the Yori Yori style.

8. You are more likely to see the Yori Yori style of play in the Super Eagles when they are sure that they have won a game. Thus, feel the need to show off and give the fans something to mull over.

9. The origin of the Yori Yori style predates the 90’s and is considered an important aspect of Nigeria’s football culture.

10. No one knows how the name ‘Yori Yori’ came about. What we do know is that it influences the Super Eagles style of play and how goals are celebrated among the team.



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