10 telltale signs your first date went extremely well



10 telltale signs your first date went extremely well




So, you have swiped right, and have made it to the first date. You’ve put on your favourite outfit, and listening to your favourite playlist on your way to the restaurant.

You managed to break the ice on the first date and ended up hitting it off, and barely paused your conversation until the waiter interrupted you to ask if you’re ready to order. But are you still not sure if your first date went well?

It happens sometimes that you think the date went really well, but it is hardly ever followed by a second date. With these types of situations, it can be confusing to pinpoint what went wrong.

Maybe what you thought was a killer date was actually not-so-much of a perfect date for the other person. If you are stuck in dilemma, don’t worry! We have you covered.

Listed below are the telltale signs that your first date extremely well

1. Your date lasted longer than you expected. This is one of the major signs that your first date went really well. After all, nobody likes to drag a bad diet.

2. You were both engaged in the conversation. You both participated equally without losing interest, which means that you were genuinely interested in each other.


3. Laughing at another person’s joke is one way to tell that they are interested, and laughing together is even better. Two people who like each other mostly find the same things funny and laugh together.

4. One way to tell that a person is into you is when they look into your eyes instead of looking here and there. Even studies have shown a person who has a romantic interest in another person is drawn to the face.

6. They didn’t check their phone even once when they were talking to you. We all know that checking your phone while talking to someone else is rude, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it on the first date. If both of you checked your phone twice or thrice in between the conversation, chances are you are not the perfect match.

7. You know that someone is interested when they listen and care about what you said earlier in the conversation, and even mention it later.

8. The conversation was not limited to small talk. You had a deep conversation with each other, which was more meaningful and helped you to connect with each other. This is also a sign that you both were comfortable sharing your personal experiences.


9. Your date walked you to your home, block or car – wherever it is you are going. An even stronger sign is that they tried to spend more time with you after you arrived at your destination.

10. Another good sign is a hug or a kiss at the end of the night. A little bit of physical touch is definitely a good sign that they are interested in you and respect you at the same time.

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