10 Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

10 Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria
Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

In no particular order, we have compiled a list of top 10 courier companies that are the best and trusted to deliver below;

1. Zenith Carex International Limited

They are one of the best courier companies you can trust in Nigeria. Located at Ajao Estate in Lagos, Zenith Carex International has more than 35 offices in over 40 offices spread across the country.

Apart from offering courier services, the company is also involved in the following services: clearing and freight forwarding, courier service, custom clearing service, warehousing, haulage and logistics service support.

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2. Creaseada International Limited

Creseada is also one of the major courier service companies in the country that are reliable.They offer services such as air, sea, overland logistics, marine services, international moving services.

Creseada has over the year provided efficient and reliable logistics and courier services to individuals, and multi-national companies. You can locate them at their head office at Ajao Estate in Lagos.

3. ABC Cargo

This company is a subsidiary if ABC Transport, one of the best transport companies in Nigeria. Since its inception, ABC Cargo has proven to be reliable not only in providing excellent courier service, but in shipment handling. They also help other small shipping and logistic companies. Their head office is located in Owerri, Imo State.

4. DHL

DHL is also an international logistics company just like UPS and are the most popular when it comes to efficient parcel or package delivery services.

With over 340,000 employees and a vast array of offices located in the 36 states, your items should be delivered easily without glitches. DHL Nigeria also has other services such as: DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight.

5. Rowsy International Limited

Rowsy International is also one of the leading courier companies in the country. Some of their service extends from logistics, cargo shipping, freight forwarding and procurement services. With their partnership with top airlines in the world, it has further proved that they are also one of the best courier company you can trust. Their office is in Lagos.

6. UPS

UPS full meaning is United Parcel Service. They been in the delivering and cargo shipping business for more than 100 years and have proven to be the best just like DHL. The offer efficient courier services to their clients and can be found in almost every country of the world.

7. EMS Speedpost

EMS is the courier department of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). Since they reside inside the country, their domestic delivery time is 24 to 48 hours while international parcel delivery usually take up to 72 hours. They have offices in more than 390 locations especially in every local government area of Nigeria.

8. Sky Net Worldwide Express Nigeria

Sky Net is also seen as a reliable courier service company. Founded in the United States in 1972, the company has gone global with about 900 branches world wide.

Their office in Nigeria can be located in Oshodi, Lagos and it is operated by the CFL Global Express Limited. They are also into international logistics providing door to door mail and parcel delivery service at an affordable rate.

9. Fedex

Fed Express is an international express distribution company with presence all over 220 countries in the world. They also have their branches in Nigeria. With Fed Express you can expect your parcel quickly within 1 to 3 business days.

Although, their delivery service can be a bit expensive, you can track your parcel easily using Fed Express just by imputing the tracking number.

10. Red Star Express

This courier service company is currently located at Oshodi, Lagos, Red Star Express also provides one of the best courier service in the country. If you have shipments, bulk documents or any item to send to any part of the country, this company can be trusted to that for you.

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