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10 reasons why your relationships keep failing


10 reasons why your relationships keep failing

10 reasons why your relationships keep failing

Breakups can be some of the most challenging struggles we experience in our lives, but they are a metamorphosis.

Failed relationships teach us what we need to look for to be happy in future relationships, and give us the opportunity to evolve as a person.

Personal growth allows us to move on with higher standards, and refusal to settle. Instead of blaming yourself for why your relationships keep failing, put failures down to incompatibility.

Read on to discover the most common reasons why relationships crash and burn.

1. Insecurity and lack of self-esteem

Insecurity creates many issues in a relationship including jealousy, paranoia, and neediness which pushes the other partner away.

2. No trust

A successful relationship is one that knows that the other always has their back. Relationships often break down when one or both partners are too self-centered, only out for themselves, and never putting the partnership first.

3. Expectations

Different expectations from each partner can result in confusion and insecurity. Expecting a partner to make you happy is unrealistic – it’s critical to work on achieving your own happiness, single or not. A partner should add to your joy, not be expected to create it.

4. Lack of communication

If you can’t address problems with each other and ultimately make reasonable changes to make the relationship work, the connection will break down.

5. Lack of friendship or energy

Lust alone or friendship alone is not enough. You need a spark between you as much as you need genuine friendship.

6. Lack of effort

A common cause of relationship breakdowns is a lack of effort from one partner, and lacking the motivation to acknowledge their own shortcomings that prevent the relationship from working. For long-term relationships, complacency can lead to feelings of neglect, resentment, and rejection causing the relationship to drift apart.

7. Failure to grow

We all continually grow and evolve. If we don’t make an effort to grow together, partners can take opposite paths.

8. Incompatibility

If you do not share the same family, religious, lifestyle, or career values, the relationship will struggle to survive.

9. Failure to open hearts

Couples have to open up their hearts in order to become closer to one another. If one partner refuses to open their heart to the other, more often than not, the other partner feels rejected and leaves.

10. Lack of quality time or solitude

Successful relationships require effort and quality time. Life is busy, but both partners have to make time for each other often enough that both know that they are a priority in each others’ lives. Similarly, failure to have any independent solitude can cause issues.

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