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10 amazing health benefits of jaggery


10 amazing health benefits of jaggery

10 amazing health benefits of jaggery

From times immemorial Jaggery, a traditional Indian sweetener also known as Gur has a place of pride in kitchens.

A natural product of fresh sugarcane juice or palm sap, jaggery has innumerable health & beauty benefits.

Based on its preparation method, the most healthiest unrefined cane sugar gets its honey tinged golden color or dark brown color.

The humble jaggery helps prevent blood disorders & anemia reduces digestive disorders and even aids in curing acne & pimples. Surprised?

We list 10 such amazing health benefits of jaggery, one of the first “spice” exported from India.

1. Blood purifier

Regular consumption of jaggery in limited quantities helps purify blood & enhances the blood hemoglobin count. Jaggery also helps in maintaining blood pressure & flush out toxins from the body.

2. Prevents digestive disorders

Jaggery activates secretion of digestive enzymes which makes it an excellent digestive agent, recommended especially during winters when digestion slows down. Regular consumption of jaggery helps in treating constipation & indigestion.

3. Source of energy

Compared to white sugar which is a simple carbohydrate, the complex carbohydrate nature of Jaggery releases energy slowly & for a longer period. Jaggery also helps in dealing with fatigue & relaxes the muscles improving overall functioning of the body.

4. Beneficial for bones

Jaggery when consumed with ginger helps cure joint pains & when had with a glass of milk strengthens the bones.

5. Relives migraines

People suffering from frequent migraines are advised to consume jaggery with pure ghee (clarified butter) on an empty stomach for a week. Jaggery is a well known home remedy for treating migraines.

6. Aids weight loss

The high level of minerals especially potassium found in jaggery helps reduce water retention & improving metabolism that aids in effective weight management.

7. Fights cold & cough

Mild symptoms of cold & cough can be treated by consuming tea made with jaggery or dissolving it in a glass of warm water & drinking at regular intervals. Before going to bed, suck on a small piece of jaggery to get relief from coughing during sleep.

8. Prevents anemia

Jaggery is a rich source of Iron & folates that help maintain normal level of red blood cells in the body thus preventing anemia. Especially recommended for pregnant women, jaggery also helps in reducing weakness & tiredness caused by iron deficiency.

9. Reduces PMS & menstrual pains

Eating jaggery is recommended for women who suffer from stomach pains & discomforts during menstruation. Jaggery causes release of endorphins, reduces anxiety & relaxes the muscles providing relief from cramps & abdominal pains.

10. Improves skin & hair health:

Want soft, glowing & naturally hydrated skin? The vitamins & minerals found in jaggery provide nourishment to the skin, cure skin problems like pimple & acne, reduces spots & blemishes & helps achieve a clear complexion. A pack made with jaggery paste, fullers earth & curd is a well known traditional Indian beauty secret for shiny, long & beautiful hair.

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